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    Design. Engineering. Construction.

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    Exceptional Team manages projects and collaborates with the top manufacturers and designers

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    Private Solutions

    We are Trusted advisors in creating design solution for VIP clients

We are Experienced Engineers

Region Engineering Group grew from the company Region-Engineering Ltd, established in 2004. We currently provide a wide range of design and construction services, including: management and construction of large turnkey projects and architectural-engineering design. Over the years, we have developed a unique approach that helps better identify the key stages of any project. This approach, together with extensive professional communication at all stages, have saved our Customers money and time by avoiding common design mistakes.

Currently, the group of companies operates from the main office in Moscow, where our team handles all project & construction management issues (communication with clients, an adaptation of projects to local norms, tender preparation and evaluation, cost estimation etc).

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Our Services

We offer high quality services in the field of Design and Building by managing projects and estimating costs.